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BILT by CAM can provide any and all services relating to outdoor projects.  Their motto is:  "If it's outside, we do it."  If you don't see what you're looking for below, contact Cam for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.  He's honest and transparent, and he'll give it to you straight.  He'll bring in the extra help he needs for larger jobs.

Landscape Architecture

Landscaping Construction, Design, Maintenance

Full service, from design to construction to a maintenance plan.  BILT by CAM will accept involvement as early as your project requires.

Well designed home landscaping can increase the value of your property and create outdoor living spaces for relaxing and entertaining. We can help improve your curb appeal with a reimagined front yard, create a backyard retreat with dining and entertaining areas, or all of the above!

BILT by CAM will create and maintain your chosen oasis.


Hardscaping Construction & Design

With water conservation being more and more of an issue, BILT by CAM can provide options to hardscape as much of your yard as you prefer.

Hardscape design refers to the process of integrating non-living, or “hard,”  materials into a landscape design. Whether developing a new project or complementing an existing space, incorporating hardscape can increase functionality, reduce maintenance and enhance your property’s aesthetics.  By upgrading or creating additional usable outdoor space, you will increase the overall sale value of your home.

From ideas to design to construction to enjoyment, BILT by CAM is ready to convert your dreams to reality.


Installation Services

Bilt by CAM offers a myriad of new installation services.  They are performed only using the best quality and supplies.  All installers are trained and educated on each product we install.

Whether it's outdoor landscape lighting, a new barrel sauna, a distinct water feature like a pond or a waterfall, an in-ground spa or an above ground hot tub, BILT by CAM is ready to make your dreams a reality.

The right installer can make all the difference in your vision going from thoughts and paper to actual implementation and use.  Don't let mistakes or less-than-stellar work ruin your desires.  Reach out to BILT by CAM today and they will deliver on your hopes and expectations.


Patio & Decks

Fully educated and up on all materials, BILT by CAM will provide all choices for you, so you can make the most informed decisions.

Whether your patio needs a few repairs or you’re looking for an entirely new deck, BILT by CAM will help you come up with a solution that fits your family’s specific needs. All patio and deck work we do is completely custom, meaning the finished product will be unique to you. Cam and his team will design and build your patio based on your needs, style, and budget.

Create a completely new hardscape or extend a current one for a larger outdoor living space. We offer a variety of different style options.


Fire Pits, Outdoor Living Spaces, BBQs

Nothing beats Southern California for the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor living space.  Work with BILT by CAM to understand your options and bring your experience outdoors.

Outdoor living spaces create the perfect spot to entertain and impress, an outdoor oasis for escaping and relaxing, or simply an extension of your home and style into the outdoors.

BILT by CAM custom designs and creates modern outdoor spaces to please even the most discriminating taste. Copy the design of a favorite room and extend the design to the outdoors. Or you can create the sensation of resort living with your outdoor living space design.


Concrete, Pavers, Masonry

From light paving and stonework to complete concrete overhaul, BILT by CAM can handle any size job.

The resilient qualities of architectural concrete pavers make them ideal for use in any type of outdoor living space or hardscape project, including dining patios, outdoor kitchens, swimming pool decks, stepping stone walkways, fire pits, terraces, garden edging, water features, and even retaining walls.


Durable, attractive, long-lasting and easy to keep clean — these are the advantages of a concrete patio. Unlike paving bricks or patio slabs, a poured concrete patio greatly reduces gaps and cracks that can lead to weed growth and ant infestations


Irrigation, Tree Services, Softscaping

Proper drainage and careful irrigation go hand in hand.  As well, trees need a delicate touch.  BILT by CAM will consult with you to ensure you're set with the right accommodations.

Your North County climate lends itself to certain varieties of trees, plants and foliage.  We can help you make the best choices for each.

Stop dealing with watering challenges in your yard by installing a new permanent, long-term drought-tolerant solution.  The proper drainage can eliminate countless problems.  Having the correct irrigation system in place will help your lawn & garden plants thrive throughout the dry summer. Current system need repairs? We can help!

Have questions regarding your project?
We're always happy to help. 

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